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Piranha Fishing in Ecuador

While traveling through Ecuador, we spent a week in Reserva Cuyabeno. Reserva Cuyabeno is the second largest national park in Ecuador and is situated along the Ecuadorian Amazon. On one of our daily canoe trips we decided to go fishing, not for food, but to join in on the tourist practice of Piranha fishing – the Amazon’s Deadliest Catch!. It was a bit touristy, but fun none the less.

piranha fishing in Ecuador

Armed with our “fishing poles” in hand, which were nothing more than sticks with a mono line and rusty hook, we added some raw beef to the hook and found a good spot to cast. It didn’t take very long for us to start catching the Piranhas as they are ruthless eaters. A feeding frenzy quickly ensued.

Piranha fishing in Ecuador

I had the good fortune of catching one of the little guys quickly.

piranha fishing in Ecuador

I proceed to unhook the Piranha so I could toss him back in the water – it is a catch and release fishery after all.

piranha fishing in Ecuador

The problem came when I attempted to hold the tiny Piranha in my hand so Lacey could get a good shot for the mandatory photo. Let me quickly remind you that Piranhas are quick and vicious little fish with razor-sharp teeth. As I was holding him for the camera, the tiny evil aquatic gremlin proceeded to wiggle out of my hands and take a chunk out of my thumb on his way back into the water!

piranha fishing in ecuador

Piranha 1, Luis 0. Lesson learned: don’t mess with Piranhas, no matter how small they are. Our fishing guide brought up the good side of the event – we could keep the photos to remind other tourists exactly what not to do!

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Born in Pittsburgh, Luis spent his early childhood growing up in Venezuela. In his early 20′s, he moved back to the United States and joined the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman with the Marines. In 2009, he and his wife packed up their Toyota Land Cruiser and headed south for Argentina. For the last four years, Luis and Lacey have documented their travels and life on the road at <b>Lost World Expedition</b>.

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