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Nemo Shield EMFX™47 Pouch

For those really looking to ditch their electronic leash, take a closer look at the EMFX™47 pouch from the Nemo Shield collection. Successfully employed and tested by law enforcement, government, and operators, the EMFX-47™ pouch blocks out all radio signals going to and from your cell phone using a specialized textile lining.

Nemo Shield EMFX™47 POUCH large

The EMFX-47™, shown at right above, will prevent your cell phone transmission from being maliciously intercepted or used to track your location when your device is placed inside of it. The pouch wasn’t designed for just going off the grid. It also prevents your phone’s signal and transmission from interfering with sensitive electronic devices in use nearby. Featuring a roll-top closure and multi-direction belt loop system for attaching to your gear, the Nemo Shield EMFX-47™ pouch sells for $69 and can be purchased online from Nemo.

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