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Luxury Camping In Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is home to one of the most diverse collections of individuals in America. Former Vice Presidents and ski bums alike call this place home. Just west of Jackson, on the mountain side of the Snake River, is the “town” of Wilson. Wilson is little more than a post office by all outward appearances. However, as with many things in life, things are not always what they seem. We traveled to Jackson via an overland route, with plans to use it as a base of operations from which to explore the surrounding areas.


The Land Cruiser UZJ100 series we had borrowed from our friends at Equipt for the trip was more than outfitted for any and every adventure we could possibly find. The truck came complete with a roof top tent and awning, on-board air, comms, refrigeration, and plenty of gear storage all wrapped in a uber reliable and proven off-road rig.

We planned to stay for just one night in a formal campground around Jackson and then make our way to the backcountry. What happened next was one of those things that sometimes you just have to go with.


Fireside Resort at Jackson Hole Campground is an RV park tucked up to the west banks of the Snake River. We did some quick internet searches and secured a camp site without knowing what we were going to find, but as we were prepared for anything, we were sure it would be good enough no matter what the state of the accommodations. Let me preface the next part by saying that from a camping perspective, we were pretty far to the luxe side of the meter already. Eezi-Awn roof tents are well-known internationally for being both comfortable and weathertight. That fact, combined with all of the other gear on board, meant we were not really “roughing it” at all. Or so we thought.

Luxury Camping in Jackson Hole

We arrived and found a glamping destination like none other we had yet come across in our many travels. Fireside offers Luxury mini cabins tucked under a grove of mature Aspens. These cabins are some of the finest short-term stay “camping” cabins we have yet to encounter.


They also offer “Glamping Tents” Fully furnished with King bed, outfitter style tents.

Luxury Camping in Jackson Hole

The cabins are not only aesthetically appealing, but as one would expect from being on the base of the Teton range, they’re well-built and ready for four season use. We stood a little awestruck and envious of the cabins as we setup our now “pedestrian” appearing camping accommodations and “roughed it” through the night.



Morning in Jackson Hole during the summertime can be truly spectacular. Cool temperatures and wildlife, combined with clear blue skies and those craggy awesome mountains, can make you lose your desire to leave the place. And so we did.

We packed up our plain old tent, marched down to the offices and provisioned ourselves a cabin for the next two nights. The cabins did not disappoint and this was definitely money well spent. As we explored the surrounding town of Jackson, Wilson and the lower Teton park returning to our swanky cabin felt like coming home.


The Aspens Market in Wilson provided us with a gourmet option for provisions. I would put their incredible selection of meats and fresh food on par with most higher end markets in any major metropolitan area. We had the most amazing time in the area and it was largely in part to our stay in Fireside and the cabins in the Aspens. Give it a look, you will be glad you did.

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