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2013 King of the Hammers Vindication Movie Premiere

One of the toughest off-road races in the world is the annual King of the Hammers Ultra4 race in Johnson Valley, CA. Every February, thousands of fans will flock to the desert in order to watch racers compete against a grueling course consisting of hundreds of miles of rock crawling and open desert racing. Teams from all over the globe compete in Johnson Valley not just for the title of Hammer King, but to simply cross the finish line. The grueling elements, harsh terrain, and pure difficulty of the race will crush even the most seasoned driver.

Each year, Hammerking Productions releases a full length movie highlighting the best, and worst, of that year’s race. This year’s film, appropriately titled Vindication, was debuted last night at premiere party at the AMC Theaters in Rancho Cucamonga. Race sponsors and King of the Hammers supporters like GenRight Off Road and Falken Tire were in attendance and brought out some trucks for fans to look at.

2013 King of the Hammers Vindication Movie Premiere 2

2013 King of the Hammers Vindication Movie Premiere 4

2013 King of the Hammers Vindication Movie Premiere 3

2013 King of the Hammers Vindication Movie Premiere 1

Even the 2013 “King” himself, Randy Slawson, was on hand with his Bomber Fab Ultra4 buggy to greet fans and talk about the race. With a couple hundred sponsors and fans in attendance, we got to watch Vindication on the big screen. The theater format may be the only way to really do the awesomeness that is King of the Hammers justice.

2013 King of the Hammers Vindication Movie Premiere

In front of packed house, Dave Cole from Hammerking Productions and Tony Pellegrino from GenRight Off Road welcomed the crowd and thanked the sponsors, racers, and fans for coming out and supporting the event. While we won’t give away all the details about the film, it’s the best King of the Hammers film to date and definitely worth watching. There were moments of excitement, anxiousness, and even a few times where the audience laughed out loud as we watched and listened some of the in-car audio of the drivers and co-drivers talking to each other as they navigated the brutal course. Take a look at the Vindication trailer …

While you won’t catch King of the Hammers Vindication playing at your local mega-plex, you can order the DVD version to watch in the comfort of your own home. It’s the perfect film to invite to watch on a Sunday afternoon with a couple of buddies and a cold one in hand. We do have to warn you about one thing though if you watch Vindication – you’re going to get a little race fever. The Hammers race is electric and it’s very easy to see why thousands of people already have a weekend in February of next year blocked off on their calendar.

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