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Pull up a camp chair and be part of our tribe. MOTUS, when loosely translated from Latin, means moved, stirred and inspired. We see MOTUS as a voice and a vehicle for a new breed of modern-day adventurers, philosophers and warriors. The modern world presents us with a set of challenges unique to our time. Rapid access to information is sometimes mistaken for knowledge and skill. Those of us who believe that a strong basic set of fundamentals are essential, and look to the past to gain the keys to the future, are the core of this tribe. MOTUS is a new idea, a new concept. Provide the enlightened adventurer, the curious novice and skilled practitioner a window into the possibilities of the world. Join the tribe, take the challenge, and be part of MOTUS. We are here to share our world with you and hope you will share your world with us. As the tribe grows, we will continue to enhance the ways in which we all learn and communicate.

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