Breaking Down The MAGPUL M-LOK System

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MAGPUL is pretty much a household name when it comes to AR and shotgun accessories. Recently, MAGPUL introduced a brand new mounting system called M-LOK. We decided to take a closer look at it and break it down for you.

According to MAGPUL, “M-LOK is a modular locking accessory mounting system that is a direct attachment method for hard mounting accessories to a negative space mounting point. Designed by Magpul Industries as an evolution of the MOE slot system used since 2007, the M-LOK system is being released as a free licensed platform to allow greater compatibility of accessories between all manufacturers.” In simpler terms, M-LOK is a mounting system that will attach just about anything to your rail system without having to remove the rail itself. It’s universal, and it makes it possible for you to mount only what you need, and exactly where you need it.

Magpul M-Lok SystemI’ve used a few different rail systems over the years. As time has gone by, I find myself using a system that is not completely wrapped in Picatinny Rail. While it’s personal preference, I find that I don’t really need that much surface area and certainly not all of it covered in rail. One of the best features about M-LOK is its application when you’re adjusting your setup. You can easily remove the rail section or accessory you have and adjust it as needed, all without worrying about removing your entire rail. Let’s take a closer look a the specifics of the MAGPUL M-LOK System

Using the new M-LOK System, accessories are mountable directly from the front face of the slot using the cammed T-Nut design. No access from the rear of the system is needed or required to mount accessories.

The new Magpul M-LOK attachment system features a custom, cammed T-Nut that positions the T-Nut consistently for both installation and removal of accessories. Simply adjust the gap between the T-Nut and accessory to match the thickness of the mounting surface, align the T-Nuts with the slot, and insert in the desired location. An initial ¼ to ½ turn of the screw for each T-Nut rotates the nut into engagement and then you may tighten normally.

Simple, rounded, rectangular slots with no sharp edges, complex geometry, or undercuts make the M-LOK slots optimal for high volume metal and polymer manufacturing. The M-LOK slots require no special cutters or angle gauges in the manufacturing process. With injection molding, the lack of an undercut allows simple mold design. All of this results in the lowest manufacturing costs possible.

Accessories feature recoil mitigation lugs with full recoil lug support in all 4 axis of movement, preventing movement of the system under recoil or rough handling, allowing repeatable accuracy in removal and reinstallation.

M-LOK accessories can be direct mounted entirely within a single slot or bridging between or across multiple slots. This makes the adjustment intervals smaller than the size of a single slot. In this example, intervals equal two Picatinny rail slots (20mm) of adjustment. Full, 4 axis recoil lug support is maintained at every interval.

Your accessories can be mounted facing toward the front or the rear, with full recoil lug support. The MAGPUL M-LOK System does not need to be oriented in a specific direction to work properly.

In addition to the dedicated M-LOK accessory line, current MAGPUL MOE accessories will work with the M-LOK slots via an adapter plate. This gives the M-LOK system access to millions of accessories that have already been fielded for the MAGPUL MOE system.

Another unique feature to the M-LOK system is its availability. The M-LOK system is a freely licensed platform. All MAGPUL asks is that anyone manufacturing components for the M-LOK system sign a no-fee license form before utilizing the M-LOK logo. The main reason for this is that anyone who makes M-LOK components will be adhering to the proper specifications, which in turn makes it a truly universal platform.

Once again, MAGPUL steps to the front with something truly new and visionary. The M-LOK System is interchangeable, easy to use, and provides limitless mounting options and configurations. Think of it as inter-agency communication, only this time it actually works. For more information on M-LOK and to see the available components and accessories, visit the MAGPUL website.

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